Chapter Committees

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  • Awards and Honors
    Carrie Atkins
  • CIG's & PSG's Liaison
    Huey Nunn, MBA
  • Chapter Operations
    Jason Millenbruch, CSP
  • Executive Board Advisory
    Luke Albrecht, CSP
  • Future Society Fellows
    Ron Sokol
  • Golf Tournament
    Felix Garza, GSP
  • Government Affairs
    Ron Sokol
  • Historian
    Joel Tietjens, CSP, CSHM, FASSP
  • Leadership Development
    Mark Hernandez
  • Job Placement and Employment
    Jason Kuntz, CSHM, CSMP
  • Long Range Planning
    Lawrence Shulze, Ph. D., PE, CPE
  • Membership
    Cara Pike, MPH, GSP, AEP
  • Newsletter
    Elizabeth Thornhill, CSP
  • Nominations and Elections
    Carrie Atkins
  • Past Presidents
    Luke Albrecht, CSP
  • Practices and Standards
    Norman Ritchie
  • Professional Development Conference
    David Hodge, CAE
  • Professional Development and Programs
    Ryan Clayton, CSP
  • Public Relations
    Grace Kilgore
  • Scholarships and Foundation
    Amanda Dean, MS, CSP, STS
  • Social Media
    Krystle Hodge, MPH, CSP
  • Sponsorship and Fundraising
    Bradley Spratt, CSP, CIT
  • Strategic Partnerships
    Carrie Atkins
  • Student Section Liaison
    Adrienne Young
  • Treasury
    James Charo
  • Volunteer Opportunity and Placement
    Pete Flores