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The Energy Corridor will post resumes for ASSP members (full or student members) who are seeking employment. Resumes posted here have not been screened, qualified or verified for stated qualifications, training or education. Resumes are posted only as a service to members. Please provide your ASSP member number when submitting a resume for posting. Resumes will only be posted for 60 days. If you wish to have a resume posted here, send it in Word or PDF format to

Job Openings

The Energy Corridor will post openings for 60 days. If you wish to have a job posted here, send it in Word or PDF format to

Industrial Hygienist

Under limited supervision, our Industrial Hygienist provides consulting services, primarily related to industrial hygiene specialty area. Conducts extensive research, data collection and evaluation and analysis in order to make recommendations to control customer’s source of occupational disease risk, loss and/or costs.

Depending on experience this position can be hired at varies Industrial Hygienist levels.

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Manager of Compliance & EHS

The Manager of Compliance & EHS reports to the COO and is responsible for all matters pertaining to regulatory compliance, environmental, health and safety. As the Manager of Compliance & EHS, you will lead and develop safety and environmental programs, develop, and drive a safety and environmental conscious culture, and assure the company is complying through the appropriate adherence to EHS regulations and EHS Standards.

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