Energy Corridor Lessons Learned

The objective of the Lessons Learned Committee is to provide high value risk management improvement opportunities to meeting participants, with a strong focus on sharing solutions rather than problems. The vehicle for this information dissemination will be a brief PowerPoint presentation at the beginning of each monthly meeting. To ensure consistency and to filter out low learning value events, the committee has developed a PowerPoint template for the use of members who wish to contribute. It can be downloaded here.

The subjects for each month’s meeting will be:

December 2016: Confined Space
January 2017: Chemical Safety
February: Working at Heights
March: Dropped Objects
April: Electrical Safety
May: Energy Isolations
June: Layers of protection (design)
July: Loss of Containment
August: Fire Safety
September: Lifting Operations
October: Permit-to-Work

To submit a case for presentation, please contact one of the Lessons Learned Committee members.

Norman Ritchie (Chair)
Zulfiya Samedova
Michael T. Maisey
Martin Robb